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We empower upliftment ventures using robust reward-centric digital tokens.

Crystal Chain aims to bring an innovative and transparent way to make digital assets mainstream. One that ensures accountability of expenditure, transparency in reporting, and maximum reach to the grassroots level.


Crystal Clear approach to funding for-profit and nonprofit ventures

Crystal Chain aims to develop a primary-level ledger to make all big value transactions publicly visible. Increased transparency consequently leads to the accountability of action both on part of organizations like a nonprofit, and beneficiaries alike.

Ease of Use & Know Your Transaction

Simple and legal ways to manage the flow of assets using our publicly available tools so that partner organizations can focus on their vision
A bigger focus on Know Your Transaction than Know Your Customer to ensure every last token performs the intended action

Implementation Process


Identify an industry/domain that could benefit from a digital finance ecosystem


Create utility based digital assets to power upliftment and incentive programs


Implement & develop/sup port a real world project with a sustainable model


Develop integration solutions to enable replication of our model


Make assets and integrations available for anyone who wishes to use them


Maintain publicly accessible and immutable reporting and accounting with an open to all ledger of transactions

On average countries donate 2% of their annual GDP to charities which amount to approximately $1.88 trillion.

We are taking steps to ensure the most efficient and effective utilization of the funds invested and donated by government agencies, nonprofits, philanthropists, and civic entities.

Education and Health remain our primary focus but we have planned several other asset systems to widen the scope of digital governance

Tuition Coin

An innovative way to award micro-scholarships to students from all around the world and help with their higher education ambitions.

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